Leslie Sage

Chaired by Leslie Sage

'108 Minutes'

Round Table Discussion

23 June - 18:30 h., GTC dome, La Palma

Live webcast

The Starmus Festival is proud to present the round table discussion "108 Minutes", moderated by Leslie Sage, in the dome of the 10.4 meter GTC on La Palma.
Starmus participants at Magma can watch the webcast of the '108 Minutes' round table discussion live on a big screen.

Topics discussed will include:

  • Why do we want to go to space?
  • Why do we need to study the Universe?
  • What are the relative merits of manned versus robotic space missions?
  • Where do we go next?

The round table will also discuss a broader range of topics relevant to our place in the Cosmos:

  • Is there other intelligent life in the Universe?
  • Given the vast distances involved, will we be able detect intelligent life or a biosphere on extrasolar planets?

A distinguished panel of guests with very diverse backgrounds – among them Jack Szostak, Brian May, Richard Dawkins, Kip Thorne, George Smoot, Jill Tarter, Alexei Leonov and Neil Armstrong - will consider and debate these and other questions.