Starlight Concert: Sonic Universe

24 June - 21:00h, MAGMA Arts & Congress Hall

Tangerine Dream

Special guest: Brian May

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Tangerine Dream, this seven time Grammy nominated European band, is a singular phenomenon. They are using just high-end modern technology for their unusual instrumental compositions and live performances. Many have tried to copy

the band of Edgar Froese, the creative head and founder of TD, what‘s become known as "The Tangerine Dream Sound"- so far absolutely unsuccessfully.

Even to describe what their music is all about can be a hard job - TD will hardly fit into any given musical pigeonhole. Recognizing the here today, gone tomorrow adage of the entertainment industry, TD has robustly survived all the stormy and cloudy days within the international showbiz.

Apart from their outstanding live performances around the globe and their high profile studio work, the Hollywood business has played a major role within TD‘s international career. For many years TD did lots of haunting scores for Hollywood movie productions. At a time when electronic instruments were widely misunderstood, Tangerine Dream became recognized as the pioneers of a new instrumental music in the USA. They introduced new sounds, sound effects and so far unknown production techniques.

They do not belong to any idea of nationalism or homebound philosophies - they are real cosmopolitan travellers, respecting this planet earth as their artistic basis.

Great painters, photographers, actors, writers and dancers have honoured Tangerine Dream for the inspiration for their own work they got from listening to the music of TD. Tangerine Dream’s reputation in the world of music, their vast experience and professionalism has reserved them already a place within the gallery of remarkable artists out of the last four decades.